Sunday, 28 February 2010

Welcome one and all to my for sale page.

If you see anything you like please feel free to email me.

From time to time you'll find old and new work posted here but for now here's what's on offer, starting with a few prints.
The first is a commission done for last years Lille comic festival. These are lithographs, numbered and signed. £50

This print, on high quality card stock, is a piece I did way back in 1994 as a sample for Jean Moebius Giraud when I was invited to work on a spin off of the Airtight Garage. Signed and numbered. £40

This print, again on high quality card stock, is a page from my Tongue Lash series. Signed and numbered. £40
Here's a print of the fourth cover of "the comic for today's youth gone wild" Wasted, published by Bad Press. High quality card stock, signed and numbered. £20

Now onto the original page art section...

This first page is from Worlds Finest. Signed. £60

Again from Worlds Finest. Signed. £70

Worlds Finest. Signed. £40

Worlds Finest. Signed. £50

Worlds Finest. Signed. £50

Way back in time now for a few pages from Shadow of the Bat.

Both signed. Both £100 (each!)

This next one is from Batman: Chronicles. Signed. £80

Now for two pages from Batman : Arkham. Tales of Madness. Both signed, both £70 (each!)

Here are four pages from Weird Western Tales #4. Each is signed. £100 each.

Note the editorial additions at the sides of the pages...I guess I wasn't meant to use The Three Stooges likenesses! What can I say? I was young and naive!

And now onto some work from 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine.

Firstly, my cover for Megazine #236. Signed. £180
Now for four pages from my Big Robots story featured in the Megazine (#257-264). Each signed. £100 each.

Next up are three pages from the 2000AD (progs 1582-1586) Judge Dredd story Road Stop. Note that these pages are not inked and are an example of my early experimenting with publishing straight from pencil. Each page signed, each page £120 (first page now Sold)

Here's a few pages from Judging Ralphy, a story published in Megazine 230. Both are signed. £120 each.

Now we're almost up to the present day with some pages from High Spirits (2000AD progs 1640-1643). Signed. £120 each

Now for two pages from A Gift of Mercy (Megazine 279). Signed. £120 each
(second page now Sold)

And finally a portrait of old stony face himself, Judge Dredd. Not signed (but I can if you like!). £30

I hope you've had a wonderful shopping experience and that you'll keep looking in from time to time to see what's new.

This is also a good place for me to mention I take commissions, although my Batman work means it could take a while for me to fit them in...please enquire.

(please note prices do not include p&p. please enquire when contacting me)